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Recent Warwick Newsletters

Attention: Dog Owners

The Selectboard has noticed an increase in the number of complaints regarding loose or otherwise unrestrained dogs in Town. The problem has resulted in injury to people and has had the effect of restricting resident's ability to walk on our streets or even on their own land.

It is not allowed for your dog to be on the land of another, or in the public way, unless under your control. Dogs may not bother people or livestock. It is not alright to let your animal out to run even for a few minutes unrestrained. If they stray off your land and are not under your control you are in addition to being a lousy neighbor, violating the law.

For the safety of your animal companion and of your fellow townspeople, please make sure that you keep your dog restrained whenever it is outdoors. Unrestrained dogs are in danger of being hit by motor vehicles. While you may feel your animal is not a threat to people, many folks are afraid of them.

Please do your part to comply with this request so that you don't get charged a fine and we don't have to hold more nuisance dog hearings.

Sincerely, Warwick Selectboard

Town Procurements

For specifications for various town project bids, go here.

Public Hearings



During the past few weeks the Department has increased patrols throughout the Town, with an emphasis on traffic enforcement and education. The high visibility cruiser patrols will, we hope, help to keep traffic violations to a minimum with the advent of the better weather.

It has been noted by Officers that there have been increasing incidents of permanent residents in possession of out of state registered motor vehicles. New state legislation, with higher fine structures and criminal penalties, should assist in alleviating this recurring problem. Vigorous enforcement of applicable statutes and regulations is intended.

With the coming of spring and summer also comes the construction season; motorists are asked to "Give 'em a Brake" when entering and traveling through a construction zone.

Remember to check the expiration date of your vehicle's registration and your Driver's License - the RMV is no longer sending out renewal notices!

Recently there have been what can only be termed as a "rash" of break-ins in the area. Houses in Royalston, Orange, and Warwick have been targeted. Living as we do in a small town, our knowlege of the area and folks around us can serve us well - if you see anything unusual, such as strange vehicles passing by slowly, parked in odd areas, or any other thing that makes you take notice, the following can be very helpful:

  1. Description - if it is a vehicle try to get a plate number, color, number of occupants, etc.
  2. Time and place of occurance.
  3. What was occurring that made you notice?
  4. Call the Police Department (978-544-2244) - nothing is too small to be reported. Try to report your tip as soon as possible!

Important Food Event notice:
Seasonal or temporary food events by non-profit organizations are not charged a permit fee, but are still required to fill out an application for each event, and are subject to inspection.

According to 1999 Massachusetts Food Code, such events must prepare only Non-Potentially Hazardous food and food must be prepared on site at the event or in a Registered Kitchen, such as the Town Hall, foods at a public event must NOT be prepared in a volunteer's home. The only exception to this is for select baked goods offered at a bake sale for a non-profit agency. Each organization in town which holds food events should have received a notice of this requirement in their town hall mailbox. The regulation places emphasis on food safety, and I strongly encourage food safety from all organizations.

Quality of Telephone Service

David Young, Town Coordinator

I am looking for your specific input on the quality of phone service in town. Recently the Selectboard voted to ask the state regulators to take a look at the quality of Verizon's voice telephone service in the region. I am collecting data on behalf of Warwick to share with the company and department of telecommunications and cable. I am aware of problems with phones that can call out but don't ring, static, and other issues.

Please pass along your experience with phone problems including the affected phone number to me. You can mail your comments to Coordinator 12 Athol Rd 01378; phone it in to 544-6315 (leave the information on the voice mail if I don't answer); or e-mail me at coordinator@town.warwick.ma.us This investigation is about pots lines (plain old telephone lines in phone co. parlance) and not an investigation about data or Internet capacity or lack of it.

Animal Control Officer - Rosa Calcari

YELP FOR HELP is in Need of Your HELP!: Due in large part to the vet bills for many of the stray kittens found this Fall, Yelp For Help is being drained of its reserves at an alarming rate. Anyone who is able to afford to give a donation to Yelp For Help is strongly encouraged to do so. I cannot continue to help animals in need without the funds to pay for the necessary veterinary care they require. Please donate if you can.

Notice regarding Property Tax Abatements

Requests for Tax Abatements MUST be made on the form available here or from the Assessors' office. A letter, however eloquent, is not considered a formal request for abatement.

Patricia Lemon, Vice-Chair
Warwick Selectboard

Reporting Trash on Warwick Roads

Seen anything like this lately?

The protocol for reporting illegal dumping: Call Police Dispatch 978-544-2244, and tell the dispatcher, "This is an administrative call." Then give the dispatcher a description of where the dumping took place, who did it, if you know, and your name and phone number. E-mailing photos to David Shoemaker (dshoemaker@town.warwick.ma.us) and Larry Delaney (highway@town.warwick.ma.us) would also be helpful.

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