Warwick Free Public Library Library Rules

The Warwick Free Public Library is open to all residents of Warwick and Massachusetts. Library materials may be borrowed by all those in good standing from any library in the Commonwealth.

No person may:

  1. steal, damage or alter any property of the Library (with the exception of normal wear and tear), including, without limitation, any computer equipment, systems, software or programs.
  2. smoke or chew tobacco or products containing tobacco.
  3. harass another person in the Library.
  4. commit indecent exposure in the Library.
  5. ride a skateboard, bring or ride a bicycle, wear or use rollerblades or skates, or jeopardize the safety of anyone in the Library.
  6. bring animals into the Library with the exception of service animals for the disabled.
  7. bring a weapon into the Library. This does not apply to police officers in accordance with the department's policies.
  8. lie down, doze, or sleep in the restrooms, or on any floor, couch, or window seat in the Library (does not apply to children).
  9. mistreat furniture by jumping or putting feet on upholstery.
  1. bring in to sell, or possess in the Library alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
  2. be in the Library, without permission of an authorized Library employee or Trustee before or after operating hours.
  3. eat anything while in the Library.

l3. make a persistent noise or noises which disturbs another person in the Library after the noise-maker has been asked to stop.

  1. fail to supervise a child, of whom you are parent or legal guardian, to keep him from disturbing other patrons or damaging Library property.
  2. use the restroom for more than just reasonable use: no brushing of teeth, or bathing. Babies may be changed in the bathroom on the mat provided.