Board of Health Permit Fees
Effective January 1, 2009

Item Fee
Septic Fees and Permits
Septic Review: Permit and Inspection
New $150.00
Repair $100.00
Perc Test $100.00 for first 3 hours and $25 per each hour thereafter
Installer's Permit $100.00/yr
Septic Haulers $100.00/yr
Title V Inspection Report
Review/witness $50.00
Well Permit $60.00
Miscellaneous Permits
Family Campground $100.00/yr
Public/Semi-Public Swimming Pools $50.00/yr
Food Permits
Retail Food Service/seating up to 25 people $75.00/yr
Residential Kitchen $50.00/yr
Mobile Food or Pushcart $30.00/yr
Milk/Cream $25.00/yr
Frozen Desserts $25.00/yr
Catering $25.00
Tables, chairs, etc. (wood) $10.00
All Warwick Non-profit organizations are entitled to food permits without charge

* Any fees not listed will be evaluated and reviewed by the BOH and appropriate fees will be set